Friday, June 26, 2009

Guinea Pigs

When I was ten years old my parents bought me and my brother a pair of guinea pigs which we promptly named Spots and Tails, respectively, even though they had neither spots nor discernible tails. We truly did love those little guys and spent several weeks handling them regularly until they became tame enough to teach a few simple tricks. After a couple months, we had them trained well enough to leave their cages and run around the living room so long as we kept an eye on them. What we didn’t realize is that Spots and Tails were not two little “guys” but rather a guy and a girl; this discovery being made one morning when we discovered nine pink little bodies, eyes closed and hairless, huddled together next to Tails.

Turned out, we were now the proud parents of an entire little of baby guinea pigs. While my brother and I were quite excited my parents were not nearly as thrilled; what we saw as the addition of nine new pets to our little guinea pig family all my parents could see was the bill that more mouths to feed would bring as well as the price of a larger cage and the possibility of more litters. Ironically, things worked out much worse as the cage eventually tipped over and several guinea pigs escaped into the house, prompting our parents to call an exterminator and thus ended our time as guinea pig aficionados.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Selecting a Goldfish Bowl

Goldfish are a cold water fish, so it need not be kept in a heated fish tank. They can be kept in a fishbowl. Goldfish looks attractive because of its variety of colors. Keeping it in a bowl simply adds on to its look. It makes a wonderful and cute gift to present someone special.

Your Goldfish kept in the bowl will stay healthy and active if it gets proper filtration. You can use the Sponge filter or the under gravel filter. Among the two under gravel filter is a better choice as it does not take up much space.

You need to clean your goldfish bowl weekly. To do so you first need to pour water from your Goldfish bowl to a smaller clean bowl and transfer your goldfish into that new bowl. You can use a small net to catch your goldfish. Once done, empty the water from the goldfish bowl and clean it properly with hot water. Do not use any detergent. There are chemical cleaners available. Finally rinse it with tap water.

Now that the bowl is cleaned, fill it with fresh water and wait till the water comes to room temperature. Then transfer your Goldfish back into the original bowl. Wow! Doesn’t it look all new and classy again?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Pet Beagle

I can go on and on about my Champ. Champ yes, that’s the name of my pet Beagle. I got Champ from a friend when he was a small pup. He was so delicate and cute. After getting him home we first made sure to give him all his vaccinations on time.
Champ is now 6 years old and he has grown so well. His body is squarish and his legs are sturdy. He is tan and white in color. Anyone who sees Champ cannot leave without complimenting his light brown eyes. He is always cheerful and his long tail is perpetually wagging.

My Champ is good natured and gentle. Even my friends who are scared of dogs get adjusted to him easily and quickly. Initially they used to want him tied when they came to visit me but today that is not the case. They know that he is content with himself and would never bother them.

Champ is very obedient and this is because we began training him from an early age. He understands everything and is a part of our family. He loves to be petted. However busy we are we make it a point to give him time and take him on walks and play with him regularly.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Whenever one thinks of a rabbit, the first picture that comes to your mind is the soft fur, noticeable red eyes and long ears. Rabbits also have short tails which are upturned. They make good pets as they enjoy human company. They are usually calm. At dawn and dusk you would find them most active.

Rabbits differ in their size and color. Some different breeds of rabbits are Dutch Rabbit, French Lop Rabbit, Lionhead Rabbit, Netherland Dwarf and Polish Rabbit. The lifespan of a rabbit differs according to the breed, but is usually 5-15 years.
Rabbits can be kept indoors or outdoors. If indoors, keep them in a pen or cage, if outdoors they are usually kept in small wooden like boxes called hutches. They would need some extra safe space where they can run to exercise themselves. Remember to provide your rabbit with a bowl, ball or other toys as they love to chew.

Rabbits are herbivorous. You can feed them hay, fresh vegetables like carrots, spinach, turnip greens, parsley or broccoli. You can also feed them pellets. Several brands and formulas are available in the market. Do not overfeed them. Clean fresh water is also required for your rabbit daily.

Don’t forget to sometimes pat your rabbit on his head. He would love that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A dog Salon?

Have you always felt that your pet dog deserves more than what it is getting right now? There are endless ways to pamper your pet nowadays. And one of the best options available is a dog salon. A dog salon is not a place anymore where you can just take your pet dog for a hair trim. It now provides you with so many options to pamper your pet dog that you will actually go wild trying to finalize something for your pet dog. You can give your pet dog flea treatments as well as styling of different types.

You also have the option to treat it to a proper skin care treatment. And in case you want to get a pedicure done for your pet dog - that is possible too - amazing isn’t it. But please see to it, that you only choose any treatment which would suit your pet dog according to its type and breed. Of course, you need to go to the right dog salon which would have the competent experts to treat each and every dog according to their breed. Remember that to avail of all such services for your pet dog, you would need to take an appointment in advance with the dog salon you plan to visit.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Many people are not very comfortable in the company of dogs as they find many dogs to be too aggressive to be kept as pets. They can keep a cat as a pet at their homes instead. A domestic cat has a fine combination of grace and intelligence. What you need to remember the most is that a cat is a more independent animal compared to most other pets. Thus you would need to give it independence as and when it requires it. Secondly some people tend to take the issue of having a cat as a pet very lightly.

Although a cat has very few demands compared to other pets, nonetheless we should not ignore its following needs. You would need to spare some time for a period of 10-13 years to give it the care and love it deserves. Also your cat would need to be given its yearly vaccinations as well as worming every six months. You would also need to keep a certain amount of cash aside to take care of its medical needs as and when they arise. Take care of its daily food requirements which are not very difficult to meet with. Finally a certain amount of grooming provided to a cat can work wonders for its appearance.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Animals as Sentient Beings

What does being Sentient really mean? If you´re an animal rights activist or a vegan (another form or activism) then you hear this term a lot. It´s the number one reason why anyone who cares about animals doesnt want to see them hurt. But what does it mean to be sentient?

The fundamental reason why PETA exists is because there are people who believe that animals have thoughts and feelings and a basic right to not suffer needlessly at the hands of humans. It´s that simple. Being sentient means that they are more than just meat. When you see your dog happy when you come home, it´s because he knows who you are, and he feels happy to have you return. Or when a mother bear protects her cub, it´s because she has a strong instinct to protect her young. In these contexts it´s easy for most people to agree, why yes, animals must have thoughts and feelings and understand the world in their own way.

But if you take it a step further, to say that because that cow can feel pain, isn´t it wrong to strip her of her newborn calf for veal and milk production? Eek! Now, we have people backpeddling, trying to look at animals as closer to vegetables than living beings on this planet.

But if you can put that aside for one moment, and simply look at this question... does an animal´s ability to feel pain, sorrow, depression, lonely, crazy or any host of things, we would quickly attribute to one of our pets, doesn´t this also make sense that we should treat them as much?