Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Many people are not very comfortable in the company of dogs as they find many dogs to be too aggressive to be kept as pets. They can keep a cat as a pet at their homes instead. A domestic cat has a fine combination of grace and intelligence. What you need to remember the most is that a cat is a more independent animal compared to most other pets. Thus you would need to give it independence as and when it requires it. Secondly some people tend to take the issue of having a cat as a pet very lightly.

Although a cat has very few demands compared to other pets, nonetheless we should not ignore its following needs. You would need to spare some time for a period of 10-13 years to give it the care and love it deserves. Also your cat would need to be given its yearly vaccinations as well as worming every six months. You would also need to keep a certain amount of cash aside to take care of its medical needs as and when they arise. Take care of its daily food requirements which are not very difficult to meet with. Finally a certain amount of grooming provided to a cat can work wonders for its appearance.

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