Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Pet Beagle

I can go on and on about my Champ. Champ yes, that’s the name of my pet Beagle. I got Champ from a friend when he was a small pup. He was so delicate and cute. After getting him home we first made sure to give him all his vaccinations on time.
Champ is now 6 years old and he has grown so well. His body is squarish and his legs are sturdy. He is tan and white in color. Anyone who sees Champ cannot leave without complimenting his light brown eyes. He is always cheerful and his long tail is perpetually wagging.

My Champ is good natured and gentle. Even my friends who are scared of dogs get adjusted to him easily and quickly. Initially they used to want him tied when they came to visit me but today that is not the case. They know that he is content with himself and would never bother them.

Champ is very obedient and this is because we began training him from an early age. He understands everything and is a part of our family. He loves to be petted. However busy we are we make it a point to give him time and take him on walks and play with him regularly.

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